Why choose GoPlanner Time?

Calculation of the working hours based on entrances and exits

Automatic calculation of overtime hours

Eased procedures for correcting anomalies in the presences

Management of absences and leaves, such as holidays planning, or sickness

Flexible management of the company rules regarding schedules, roundups

Advanced shift management

Exporting of presences extract for the most common paycheck management systems

GoPlanner Time is the ideal solution for the companies that want to automatize and accelerate the process of identification, control and management of presences and staff data.

An adjustable solution to specific needs, easy to use and with the ability to drastically reduce the time and cost needed to manage data. Makes it possible to manage staff identification from anywhere, thanks to its Cloud technology. Moreover, the data can be easily exported into most common paycheck management systems.

With GoPlanner Time you can easily plan the shifts, the holidays and the leaves, but also .

GoPlanner Time is compatible with iGuard, Zuccheti TMC, Giga Promag e Smart Tap.